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Working and Trail Saddles on Horse and Mule bars

Your custom horse or mule saddle can be built on a Wade, A-fork, Bowman, Association, or any other slick fork or swell style.  You may specify the horn, cantle, stirrup leathers and all other features of you saddle.

Any style saddle may be built on semi-quarterhorse, quarterhorse, full quarterhorse, or mule bars.  Mule saddles are built on the mule bar tree, designed specifically to fit the unique structure of mules.  

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.  Saddle accessories are listed below.

Assoc_w_basket_onside_2.jpg (90728 bytes) 1.  Association on mule bars.  Basket stamp.  4-button Old Style.  To see more and larger pictures of this saddle, click here.
  1a. Wade on mule bars. Snub post horn, 3-way flat plate rigging. Partial fine basket stamped with hand carved oak leaf tooling.  Engraved brass horn cap and conchos.  4" brass bound bell stirrups..To see more and larger pictures of this saddle, click here.
WadePBS_004_offside.jpg (75105 bytes)

2.  Wade with partial basket stamp, snub post horn, stainless steel hardware.  To see more and larger pictures of this saddle, click here.

3.  Wade half breed style with 1/2 smooth and 1/2 roughout leather.  To see more and larger pictures of this saddle, click here.
Wade_w_border_offside.jpg (62833 bytes) 4.  Wade on mule bars.  Click here to see bigger and more pictures of this saddle.
WadeCustSpec_w_BR_offside_2.jpg (61464 bytes) 5. Wade on quarterhorse bars.  This saddle was specifically built for a customer who used different ideas from saddles on these pages to design the style saddle he wanted.  To see more and larger pictures of this saddle, click here.  
Dark_Plain_Assoc_onside.jpg (65538 bytes) 6. Association on mule bar tree.  Dark natural oil finish (not dyed).  All brass hardware.  Click here to see more and bigger pictures of this saddle.
Copy_Furstnow_onside.jpg (66495 bytes)

7.  Old Montana.  14” swell.  16” seat.  5” high cantle.  Old Style horn, stirrup leathers and fender style.  This saddle is rigged 7/8s double.  Rawhide bound cantle and swell front.  Includes footman loops and coat straps.  To see more and bigger pictures of this saddle click here.


Daniels_Onside_2.jpg (78472 bytes) 8.  Wade. Built on quarterhorse bars.  7/8s double rigged.  Full basket stamp with rawhide horn and cantle binding. To see more and larger pictures of this saddle, click here.
Cheyenne onside.jpg (60004 bytes)

10.  Bowman on Mule Bar saddle. 13" swell. 4" high cantle with 11/4" Cheyenne Roll.  3-way flat plate rigged.  All stainless hardware.  Partial basket stamp with double row stitching.  Saddle has under-padded seat.  Built with girth cincha, rear cincha and hoof pick case with pick and other standard features.  For more and bigger pictures of this saddle, click here

Cliff Wade SS onside.jpg (43710 bytes)

11.  Cliff Wade.  Built on mule bars.  5” cantle, 3 X 3 snub post horn.  3-way flat plate rigged with rear cincha, stainless steel hardware, old style conchos and stainless steel bound oak 3 ½” wide stirrups.  This saddle is partial basket stamped with hand tooled border.  It features a roughout seat and fenders.  Built with this saddle are a pair of buckin’ rolls, hoof pick case with pick, front mohair girth cincha and rear cincha.  To see more and larger pictures of this saddle, click here.


SFBowman onside 1.jpg (89402 bytes) 12. S. F. Bowman.  13” swell, 4” high cantle, 3 ½” regular dally horn.  This saddle is Ύ flat plate rigged with no rear cincha.  The saddle has full under-padded seat with rough out seat and fenders.  Double row stitching, stainless steel hardware, deep roper stirrups.  The saddle includes crupper ring, lead rope ring, breast collar Ds and extra Ds under the rear jockey.  Natural rawhide cantle binding and horn cap trim with a latigo horn wrap.  To see more and larger pictures of this saddle, click here.
Following are some examples of Working and Trail saddles built over the years.  Click on photo to enlarge (sorry, multiple high-resolution photos are not available for these saddles).
10, Low Wade, full basket stamp.jpg (14705 bytes) 13.  Low Wade on full quarter horse bars.  5" cantle with 1" Cheyenne roll.  Snub post horn with 5" finished horn cap.  Full basket stamped.  Engraved silver conchos.  Oregon cross-over rope strap.  Mule hide wrapped horn.  Smaller skirts.  5" wide stainless bell stirrups.  Shown with buckin' rolls.
10, Mule, custom, Grandpas tooling.jpg (17426 bytes) 14.  Custom mule saddle built and tooled to customer specifications.  Oiled to a dark mahogany finish.
1, Mule, hand carved and tooled.jpg (23438 bytes) 15.  Hand carved and tooled Wade style saddle.  Loop seat, exposed stirrup leathers
2, Mule, built to customer specs.jpg (23081 bytes) 16  Mule bar saddle, custom swell, Cheyenne roll, mule heads carved on fenders.  Padded seat.  Dark oil finish.
3, Mule, Wade, half breed.jpg (21710 bytes) 17.  Wade outfitter style saddle.  Half breed:  part basket stamped, part rough out.  Taps, saddle pockets, knife sheath, breeching, tooled to match.
7, Mule, Bowman, modern sq skirts.jpg (16212 bytes) 19.  S. F. Bowman mule bar tree, with modern square skirts.  Bleached (white) rawhide horn and cantle binding and deep roper stirrups.
6, Instock, Mule Wade.jpg (13208 bytes) 20.  Cliff Wade style saddle.  5" cantle.  3 x 3 snub post horn.  Rigged 3/4 double with flat brass rings (Old Style).  Partial basket stamped with a running W border.
Endurance 1.jpg (12445 bytes) 21. Endurance saddle built on mule bars.

Saddle accessories:

Breast Collars
Buckin' rolls
Headstalls, reins
Saddle pockets, saddle bags
Rifle scabbards
Hoof pick holders
Knife, pliers, other cases.


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