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I am not taking any orders.

 Check the In-Stock Horse and Mule Saddles page for available in stock and used saddles.

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A note from D. R. Schrader:

I build fine hand-crafted western style saddles and tack for horses and mules.  My saddles are known for their quality, durability, and fit.  I will build most any saddle you want, but specialize in working and mountain saddles, and authentic old time saddles, all built for hard use.

Click on the Pictures page for photos of my saddles.  You'll find Working and Trail saddles for horses and mules, Old Style saddles for horses and mules, Accessories for horse and mule saddles, and In-Stock saddles. Also on the Pictures page is a link to close up pictures of fenders, horns, jockeys, rigging, and tooling.  Go to Chaps Chinks and More to see pictures of chaps and chinks.  D. R. also makes gun leather - holsters, scabbards.  Call or email for information and pictures.

Go to the Customer Comments page to read what my customers say about their saddles.

To get a free estimate on a custom saddle, or to request additional information, just ask.  Click here to send an Email or call my cell (406-360-5208).

Foreign buyers.  I no longer ship internationally.  However, if you select a USA broker, I am happy to ship to the USA broker of your choice.  Also, bank checks now have to be held two weeks, just like personal checks.


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